The Hanged Man Tarot Card

the hanged man tarot card major arcana

What is the hanged man tarot card?   The ‘Hanged Man’ tarot card is the number 12 card of the Major Arcana. It has a negative opening and is considered a slow card.  The card  is based on the realm of  consciousness between the body and the mind.  Its original number 12 signifies optimism, creativity, … Read more

The Hermit Tarot Card

the hermit tarot card major arcana

What does The Hermit Tarot Card Mean? Hermit is a sign of wisdom and self-realization. This card indicates that living life is a journey in itself. Life is a bigger enterprise than the events which take place during this journey and introspection is the best tool to make this journey meaningful. According to top tarot … Read more

Wheel of Fortune

wheel tarot card meaning major arcana

What does The Wheel of Fortune mean? The Wheel of Fortune card is a favourable and positive card. This card is a symbol of movement and nurturing cycles  in life. This card metaphorically represents the lifecycle. If the Wheel of Fortune card appears in a reading it signals new directions, good fortune, and promising changes … Read more

The Angel Number 555 Meaning & Symbols

angel number 555 meaning

What does the 555 angel number mean?   The angel number 555 exhibits the  welcoming sign  for the changes which are happening or about to happen.  That is an encouraging sign from angels that any changes you wish to make will take you to a period of transition which would help you in pursuing your … Read more

The Judgement Tarot Card

the judgement tarot card major arcana

What does the Judgement Card mean in a tarot reading? The Judgement Card in the tarot reading indicates the arrival of a mentor in your life. The mentor is prompting you to re-evaluate your life.  This Tarot card may also represent a spiritual awakening to understand reality and make rational decisions. The discipline and self-awareness … Read more

The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool Tarot Card major arcana

What does the Fool tarot card mean?  The Fool tarot card represents a new identity. This card is the very first card of the Major Arcana.  The Fool Tarot Card is a powerful and exciting card with extensive meaning.  It speaks of tremendous optimism from the beginning of the journey based on a complete visionary … Read more

Is Yes or No Tarot Accurate

yes or no tarot card reader

What are the Yes or No Tarot Cards? Shakespeare’s famous epic Hamlet posed an outstanding question- “ To be or not to be”, the same question troubles humanity in today’s time even more! Being a Tarot reader, I come across many questions from the seekers daily. Do you know which is the most common question? … Read more

Bad is Good!

Seems ironic! Yes it is a paradox which we all experience in life. Bad Experiences are inevitable Whenever there is a bad experience in life it makes us bitter and there are a lot of questions which come up in our mind. The first question generally is, “why did it happen to me?” The second … Read more