Tarot Is The Mirror To Your Soul

An avid reader and a spiritual seeker, always consider myself a learner who is acquiring knowledge in this world through experiences and interactions.

I started my tarot sojourn in 2015 and learned the divine art by renowned masters in chennai and Delhi. Like every journey, mine also had saving grace and pitfalls. Tarot gave me innumerable opportunities to create a positive impact on this world and at the same time, it made me a better person by providing so much to learn. In fact, each of the roles we play in this world stage makes us a better human being.

As I meet people, talk to them I feel that most of them lack clarity in their lives. Not because they lack wisdom, rather they are unable to connect to their inner self to seek guidance from within. A typical tarot session with me will clear the layers of confusion in your mind. It will make you independent in thought and action because I do not predict the future through Tarot rather I consider it as a divine tool to connect with the universe and seek guidance.

Why I became a Tarot Reader?

I learnt Tarot card reading many years ago and was practising it sparingly with friends and family. Over the years I observed that the guidance which seekers recived from Tarot readings brought life changing experiences to them. Not only this, Tarot being a source of divination helps in making decisions when one is on crossroads. Simply put, Tarot acted as a navigation tool for me and people around me. Being blessed with the art of interpreting the cards, I thought of reaching out to as many souls as I can and help them gain clarity and be independent.


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Soulful Tarot – Journey Towards Self- Mastery

I started Soulful Tarot with a vision to reach as many people as I can and help them to connect to their inner self. All answers to almost all the questions lie within and we venture out in search of solutions. Once the connection to the source of wisdom residing inside us is established, we really do not need any outside guidance.

Tarot Reading With Me

You can book your reading for 15 mins or 30 mins. In a typical Tarot reading session you can ask as many quesions you want. I will only act as a medium to convey the message from the universe. If required, I will suggest simple remedies and share self healing techniques.