Learn Tarot Basics

Tarot basics online course

Tarot is a divine tool which acts as a bridge between a seeker and the universe. Learning this art of divination is a very fulfilling experience wherein you can help yourself and others to come out of ambiguity and receive guidance.

  • Tarot deck has 78 cards and each card has a meaning imbibed in it.
  • During this 4 week online course you will learn about each and every card in detail.
  • Learn to read cards neurologically.
  • Study in detail about the 4 elements.
  • Get to know about the colours and their impact in cards and in your life too.
  • Learn remedies to overcome obstacles.
  • Understand the symbols in detail.
  • Learn to read cards for yourself and for others.
  • Get to know how to present the reading confidently.
  • How to Set up a tranquil a tranquil space for reading.
  • Know about crystals which may benefit you and sharpen your readings.
  • You will receive detailed notes and study material through email. Click Here To Fill Your Details
  • You will also do peer readings to fine tune your concepts.

All sessions will be conducted online on zoom twice a week. In addition to that you will receive learning videos on whatsapp regularly. One month support after you finish the course.

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