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Rewrite Your

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Life Story

Tarot Cards tell a story but you decide the end of it!

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Behold the magic meaning of the cards! These are my tarot readings for you!

An avid reader and a spiritual seeker, always consider myself a learner who is acquiring knowledge in this world through experiences and interactions.

I started my tarot sojourn in 2015 and learned the divine art by renowned masters in chennai and Delhi. Like every journey, mine also had saving grace and pitfalls. Tarot gave me innumerable opportunities to create a positive impact on this world and at the same time, it made me a better person by providing so much to learn. In fact, each of the roles we play in this world stage makes us a better human being.

Tarot The True Art Of Divination

“Welcome to Soulful Tarot – a place to clear the layers of confusion”

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