The Magician – Major Arcana Tarot card meanings

The Magician tarot card Description

The card shows a figure who is pointing towards the sky and the earth. A  double-tipped white wand pointing above which acts as a connection between the sky and the earth or between the spiritual and the material world.

Since it is double-tipped, It works both ways. It is a card of free- will and manifestation. The way The Magician is presented indicates that anything is possible between the earth and the sky.

To harness heaven’s power, the Magician has all the tools with him as the four suits of Tarot rest on his table. All the elements are utilized to achieve whatever is desired. 

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The Magician Upright Meaning

If this card appears upright in any reading. It exhibits unlimited potential. Our outer world is the reflection of the inner world and the card emphasis the same. What all is present above can be brought down onto this earth by exercising the free will.

If we try and understand deeply The magician is a representation of strong will power which can drive a person to bring sky to the earth. All the four elements are there in the card to support the fact that all the components of success are existing here. 

This card is an indication from the universe to use your full potential without any hesitation. If you are thinking twice before taking a lead in your job or business or a new relationship then do not hold yourself back and just take the plunge.

It is going to help you in a positive way. So if you are hesitating then you might be loosing out on an opportunity which can take you ahead in life.

The world will be a better place for you to life because taking a lead this time can grant you what you desire the most. You may manifest what you want.

The Magician Reversed

If you are reading for yourself or for others and this card appears in a reverse position then it has a very different meaning.

On one hand where the upright card exhibits pure will power the reverse side exhibits illusion. If this card is there for someone else then that person is misleading you highly. The magic performed by him is full of trickery and delusion.

He or she may seem as a well wisher and lure you by the showmanship  at onset but harbours the evil intensions, selfish desires and manipulating attitude from inside . So you need to be aware of such people around you who may wear a garb of a friend or soothe sayer but is doing things otherwise.

If this card appears in reverse position for your own self then it means that you are sabotaged by negative self harming emotions and you lack self-awareness.

It means that you have become self obsessed and utilizing you own power and position for wrongful purposes. All this may lead to reckless decisions which may eventually take you closer to a downfall.

The Magician governed by Planet Mercury

This card is astrologically associated with the planet Mercury. It is the planet responsible for communication and intelligence.

Therefore, the magician tricks people through communication as he says something and means something else. Also, the magician becomes instrumental in bringing the knowledge and wisdom from the higher realms and communicate it to the earthly beings.

He creates the vital connection for the cosmic download.  It would not be wrong to say that the magician being associated with mercury is actually facilitating the communication of the powers and gifts of the spirit.

The Magician is associated with the Air Element

The association with the air element is quiet understandable as this card is associated with the mind, the intellect and of course the communication and all this is dominated by the air element. This is a card of ideas and thoughts.

The dictum in the card is ‘ As above, so below’ . Once the magician clearly understands his desires, he can manifest them easily with his strong and pure will.

The Magician card is Number One 

Neurologically this card is at Number one position. This is the number of leadership. The magician’s correspondence to number one gives him attributes like fierceness, value for freedom, determination and competitiveness.

If this card appears in the reading then it is very important to pay attention to the number as well because it can really help in interpreting the situation and providing the situation. If the surrounding cards of the spread are also associated with Number 1 then the numerological aspect must be taken into consideration. 

It is very important to understand the meaning of each and every card in detail but it is equally important to understand the story it represents when the particular card is surrounded by other cards in a spread. If a card is surrounded by positive and supporting cards then the outcome will be positive but if this positive card is followed by a cards like Devil or Tower then the entire story or the meaning will change according to the context.

So I mean to say that though it is important to learn and study a card deeply but it is equally important to study the card when it is a part of a spread having 3 or more cards. I believe the real learning is exhibited in decoding the messages from the universe and navigating the situation into a positive direction so that one creates good karma and alters the outcome to a affirmative one.

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