Bad is Good!

Seems ironic! Yes it is a paradox which we all experience in life.

Bad Experiences are inevitable

Whenever there is a bad experience in life it makes us bitter and there are a lot of questions which come up in our mind.

The first question generally is, “why did it happen to me?”

The second could be, “ Why everytime me?”

The third may be,” why is life unfair to me?”

And the list is endless! What are you thinking? It is actually the same process which takes place for everyone.

Good or Bad

Is there something good or bad which exists? Or it is the perception which makes an experience worth cherishing or dreadful. Most of the time, past experiences play a major role in our belief system. We perceive information through five senses and store that in the form of memories and subsequently when a similar situation comes up in our lives the associated memories surface up in our mind and guide us accordingly.

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If we see our life according to this pattern we may find out that in almost all the circumstances our mind took cues from the past and we acted in a particular way.

Converting Bad to Good

Now there is a key to convert unpleasant experiences into pleasant ones.

When  we meet with unpleasant circumstances or tough to handle people we tend to see things with only one lens and one perspective. Imagine yourself wearing yellow tinted spectacles and wondering why all the things seem yellow in colour. This means that you have lost sense of the fact that you need to remove the shades to see the true colours. Same is true for life. Often, we see from our own point of view and fail to realise the power of perception.

To save yourself from this trouble watch this video for tips which will save you from feeling bad about some really bad experiences!

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