The Hermit Tarot Card

What does The Hermit Tarot Card Mean?

Hermit is a sign of wisdom and self-realization. This card indicates that living life is a journey in itself. Life is a bigger enterprise than the events which take place during this journey and introspection is the best tool to make this journey meaningful.

According to top tarot expert, card says that to discover the truth, we must trust our institution to judge right and wrong rather than looking for answers outside.

The Hermit is a card of individual experience and  balanced intellect. 

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The Hermit is sometimes considered a mature and wiser version of The Magician because both cards address Virgo’s divine gesture, the fundamental element of “The Hermit”. 

The Hermit is about the retreat from experiences and relationships to introspect and gather strength.

The Hermit represents a wise man who offers guidance to all. Seeking and connecting to the inner voice is the ultimate realization of this card.  

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Description: what does the hermit tarot card stand for

The Hermit is a seeker of inner realization. 

At night, a lonely wanderer searches for the inner voice; he has only way to find it with long periods of solitude. 

To be successful in discovering the inner voice, he has to stand out from the crowd; otherwise, the noise and desires of the crowd may confuse his path.

The Hermit is an old man standing alone on a mountain. He holds a lantern in his right hand and a stick in his left hand. Here the hill symbolises growth, accomplishment and success, while the wand is  the form of a worker. The Hermit tarot card refers to the high level of spiritual knowledge acquired by him which he is ready to impart to all. He has taken a concrete step towards his goal, which shows his commitment and awareness.

A six-pointed star lit inside the lantern, symbolising the Seal of Solomon. This star represents wisdom which is authority and power . The dim light of the North Star guides the Hermit into the unconscious night, his resting place as himself.

The Hermit Card Tarot Guide:

The Hermit is your guide to inspire you to rediscover your energy and focus. It prompts you for self-realisation, which will answer all your questions. Self-realisation makes you understand that the most profound meaning of your truth and knowledge lies within you and not in the outside world. To start your journey of self-discovery, you have to leave the material world and follow the path of spirituality and enlightenment.

Symbols of “The Hermit Crad ” 

  • An Old Man – Wise and Gaze posture toward inward
  • The Lantern – Truth, Wisdom, divine radiance
  • Starlit – Hope (to the world below) and inspiring 
  • Wand or Staff – Guidance 
  • Blue Sky – introspection and freedom
  • Mountain – Acheviement and strength 

The Insight of The Hermit:

The Hermit card is simply the experience of a deep sense of introspection in a state of solitude, living outside of his world. While you listen to your inner voice, you may have passed many years of life in a moment. You know you have to start this journey alone. You may also begin this journey with exceptional people who understand spirituality.

The Hermit Tarot Card Upright Meaning

 The Hermit is a persuasive card in the upright position. It inspires you to start a period of personal growth and exploration. The Hermit is all about searching for the highest truth and acquiring knowledge in the form of achievement.

Upright Hermit teaches you how to be comfortable when you want to listen to your inner voice. For this, you will need patience and concentration. However, the personal pursuit of truth is challenging but can be one of life’s happiest experiences.

The Hermit Tarot Reversed Meaning:  

Reversed – The reverse Hermit indicates that you have become so busy with everyday activities that you can’t hear your inner voice. You are so involved in your dilemmas that you don’t even care about your family and friends.

The Hermit advises you to search for yourself to understand your existence. You can re-establish yourself on a spiritual level.

The Hermit Tarot Career:

  • Upright

In the context of a career, the Hermit can indicate that you are wondering if you are in the right job. Your entire focus in your career is only on earning money and worldly activities. Instead, your focus should be on activities that can bring you professional growth as well. A new, more satisfying career path is ahead of you; you might have to see beyond  money and materialism to experience it.

  • Reversed:

Hermit reversed position means that the time has come for you to stop and reconsider your current job. You are disappointed with the career stage and feel that you are not being supported . Now you should take your steps on the path where you can find new opportunities and become eligible for the divine help.

The Hermit Tarot as Feelings for someone :

  • Upright:

In the upright, Hermit says, they are so busy with their life’s journey that they can’t even see their feelings. They have transient feelings, so they need to understand the sentiments contained within them with a calm mind.

  • Reverse:

The reversed Hermit answers the question about how someone feels about you. It indicates that you fail to understand their needs or are not the perfect match for them.

For this, you should have sympathy for him and try to end his dilemma towards you.

The Hermit Tarot in Health:

  • Upright: 

The Hermit suggests that you should take out time for yourself, to relax your body and mind which will make you feel rejuvenated. A few minutes of meditation daily can bring  better sleep, a healthier mind, and more concentration.

  • Reverse: 

The reversed Hermit tarot card can sometimes be a sign of mental illness, like the feeling of being victimized. By suppressing your emotions, you are becoming negative. To get out of this mood, talk to someone close to you.

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What number is the hermit tarot?

Number 9 is associated with The Hermit. 9 is a number related to inner wisdom. Being the last number in the series, it points out towards completion of a cycle. It carries a spiritual energy of solitude away from the material realm. 

The hermit tarot, yes, no?

If the seeker is asking a yes or no question and this card appears than the answer is neutral. Major Arcana cards do not indicate a direct yes or no. Rather this card being a pessimistic one will drift towards a NO.  

The hermit tarot as an obstacle?

If this card shows up as and ‘ obstacle’ it means that the seeker is pessimistic as well as passive and the situation demands him/her to be in action with lots of optimism.  

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