The Judgement Tarot Card

What does the Judgement Card mean in a tarot reading?

The Judgement Card in the tarot reading indicates the arrival of a mentor in your life. The mentor is prompting you to re-evaluate your life. 

This Tarot card may also represent a spiritual awakening to understand reality and make rational decisions.

The discipline and self-awareness you have acquired through meeting with yourself have enabled you to make quick decisions. 

The card addresses the final decision, and that will be in the form of that reward.

This card is a declaration that whatever you get as a reward, the basis of it will be your work.

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Judgement Tarot Card Description:

In the Judgement Card, Archangel Gabriel plays the trumpet, and a few naked people emerge from the coffins. 

Men, women, and children are all in these people who have spread their arms up.

Everyone is standing in such a way that, with outstretched hands, they ask God for justice.

Archangel Gabriel takes care of protection and harmony. The angel’s wings are red, symbolizing his wisdom and service. 

Angel’s blue dress symbolises confidence. Hanging from the trumpet is a white flag with a red cross. The flag is a symbol of security and peace. 

The coffin shows that life in the physical body is over, and the absence of clothes signifies liberation from worldly matters by leaving the existing body and being present in the spiritual world. They are ready to acquire higher knowledge.

Their outstretched arms show that the justice they seek is likely on the universe’s judgement.

An enormous tidal wave is visible on the card, signifying that whatever decision you take will be final and inevitable to the extent that you may be swept away by that.

Judgement Tarot Card Guide:  

The Judgement Card is a healing card in the Major Arcana as the ruling element of this card is Fire. This card symbolizes change and a new beginning and final settlement according to the karmic laws. 

The primary symbols in this card are:

  • An angel is playing the trumpet.
  • Some people have seen coming out of the grave.
  • The ocean. 

Libra is the zodiac sign associated with this card and governs the decision-making faculty. We can also see a glimpse of death in this card, which means rebirth or a new beginning.

The Judgement card may also reflect your harsh or judgmental nature. It will always be harmful if you have this attitude towards yourself or others. 

That’s why the card talks about bringing calmness to your nature. According to the card, getting out of the dark can only be a suitable choice.

This card signifies significant changes, like entering a new life. The card represents resurrection, rebirth, and spiritual awakening.

By definition, the Judgement Card represents the day the dead rise again, all their given sins are forgiven, and they go to heaven. 

If this is a material definition, it says we should revive, forgive, and let go of the past.

Judgement tarot card symbolism:

  • ANGEL: Archangel Gabriel signifies the strength of GOD
  • TRUMPET: It reflects authority or announcement
  • FLAG: It shows peace, protection, and neutrality
  • HUMANS: They refer to rebirth or new life, and their naked body represents transparency.
  • COFFINS: It shows the end of a particular lifetime 
  • BLUE Sea: It’s like an achievement and obstacle
  • Blue Sky: It indicates wisdom and confidence 

Judgement tarot card in an upright position:

Keywords: renewal, rebirth, inner calling, purpose, absolution, self-evaluation, awakening, reckoning

In the upright position, the Judgement Card suggests you must reach the highest level of consciousness to work for the highest good. That acts as another sign of a turning point in your future. 

You become aware of your spiritual awakening and know you can achieve much more from the universe. This consciousness will pave the way for your progress, and this process of developing yourself will be based on analyzing your past struggles. 

Here, Upright Judgement Card wants to tell you that you like to share your problems with people in a similar situation and seek guidance.

If you move forward with them, perhaps you will be able to find freedom from troubles.

Judgement tarot card in the reversed position:

Keywordsfailure to learn lessons, self-doubt, inner critic, ignoring the call, self-loathing, lack of self-awareness 

A reverse occurs when you are standing at the dawn of a great revelation but don’t realize it. 

The primary purpose of the card is that you should learn from your experiences instead of cursing yourself or blaming others. You are getting influenced by wrong thoughts. For this, you need self-reflection and deep meditation. 

Metaphorically it says that even in loud noises, you need to protect yourself from all these distractions so that you can hear the trumpet. You are on the way to your golden transformation if you can keep yourself pure.

Judgement cards do not convey any sense of mercy; they only reveal your right and wrong actions in this world.

The Judgement tarot card for a career:


In an upright position in a tarot reading, this card shows up to tell you that the universe is in favour of the new path you have taken to improve your existing situation. Professionally, it is a positive card that brings awareness of all the possibilities that you may have overlooked in the past.

It can also be a prediction of the time when you are nearing a favourable change in your career.

This card may also suggest that you have made yourself psychologically so strong that you can find new ways to resolve any issue in your existing workplace.

Some extraordinary coincidences will help you reach the heights of your professional life because you are under the angels’ wings, and you will get divine help.

Therefore, you need to evaluate your actions, which may begin a new change in your professional journey.


The Reverse Judgement Card indicates that you are sinking into self-pity and despair. 

Because you have made mistakes at work, you have started doubting your work abilities instead of paying attention to resolve them.

If you pay little attention to your past actions, you may realise that you have not learned from your mistakes. Which makes you consider yourself incapable of the new opportunities. 

Your co-workers treat you harshly because your lack of self-awareness puts you in a difficult situation.

You are unable to evaluate yourself, which pushes your career into the field of darkness. 

The Judgement card health-


The upright card position says you need to pay more attention to how you deal with your body, such as diet, exercise, and potential addictions. 

It indicates the state of health and suggests that you must do the right things for your health and change bad habits. Correct behaviour towards health can prevent you from serious health problems. 


In the reverse position, the card shows the person is not conscious of his health even after getting signals of lousy health. 

They may have been suffering the consequences of ignoring their health. That made them come to terms with the fact that they might need support if they wanted to live.

Judgement tarot card feelings:

When you want the answer to whether someone has feelings for you, judgement is one of those cards that doesn’t reflect anything about one’s emotions. Most Major Arcana cards exhibit a neutral outlook, and The Judgement card is no different. To understand the other person’s feelings, you must depend on time and wait further.


What does the Judgement represent?

The Judgement card is the 20th card in Major Arcana. This card is full of biblical symbolism. It represents the final judgement day where the dead are rising from their graves with arms outstretched towards heaven, where angels are present rewards based on past life karma.

What does the Judgement card mean for advice?

The Judgement card advises one to get up from the slumber and reach for a higher purpose, an awakening call for the seeker. It also shows that divine help is there if one tries to shun the old patterns and embrace the new ones.

Is the Judgement card yes or no?

If this card shows up as an answer to the yes or no question, it is neutral. We can not say either of them. This card and most of the major arcana cards give a neutral indication while answering a yes or no question.

What zodiac is the judgement card?

The ruling planet for the judgement card is The Pluto, and the Zodiac sign of Libra is associated with the Judgement card.

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