Mokshapat : How to read Indian ancient game divination

What is Mokshapat?

 Mokshapat is a divine tool to learn spirituality and the law of karma. It is a gift from our ancient sages. Through the Mokshapat we derive self-knowledge and analyse the completion of our karmic cycle. 

If someone feels intrigued by the philosophy of karma and wants to know more about it then the only option for him or her is to study through books or listen to the speeches delivered by great masters.

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Now, here in Mokshapat, the tedious process of learning is gamified. All the concepts are presented by our sages in the form of a game which we play through a dice. 

Source : Soulful Tarot

Mokshapat is a board game with 72 boxes and each box represents the level of consciousness. One word is written in each box and there are snakes and ladders too.

This must be reminding you of the snakes and ladders game. It is said that the British took inspiration from Mokshapat and created snakes and ladders.

On the one hand, snakes and ladders is a fun game played for leisure and on the other hand, Mokshapat is a serious affair which takes us on a journey of self-discovery.

It primarily tracks the soul’s evolution in this lifetime and the previous lifetime. This ancient game equips us to look for good or bad patterns in our lifetime and inspire us to change them to have better and happier times ahead. 

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Mokshapat Boxes

Earlier the divine game had 280 boxes but the modernised version which we use today has 72 boxes.

The game is simple but the outcome is always life-altering. The first box is labelled Genesis and marks the beginning of the soul’s journey.

Herein the soul comes into a contract with the universe and accepts that it is ready to take a plunge into this world of illusion.

Thereafter there are boxes labelled and numbered 72. Now the exciting part is that the game has twists and turns in the form of snakes or arrows and ladders.

There are certain boxes which can take a soul to higher levels and there are others which can drag it down. The role of the dice is also very important.

It is said that the play of the dice represents our karma which is taking us to various levels of consciousness. It is very interesting to understand that our own karmas can get us a ladder or drag us down.

Mokshapat is not only a representation of a soul’s complete journey but it also exhibits a daily fluctuation on various levels of consciousness.

So in a way Mokshapat is an excellent way to tame our actions and emotions being in awareness of the reward in form of a ladder and punishment in the form of a snake bite!

When to do a Mokshapat reading

Mokshapat reading can be done at times when one is finding or looking for answers to questions such as:

  • Why has this (event)  happened to me?
  • What is the guidance for me?
  • How will be my coming year be like?
  • How is my past life affecting my present life?

These are just examples but as a seeker you may ask any question to a seasoned Mokshapat reader who can guide you accordingly.

Mokshapat and the Past life regression

When I did my Past Life Reading in the presence of my mentor I was spellbound as it miraculously gave answers to so many questions which were in my mind since ages.

I was able to discover the underlying patterns which are still prevalent in my present life time.

My faith in Mokshapat readings increased manyfolds as I myself experienced it first hand and could relate to it closely.

Being a Tarot Card Reader I started using Mokshapat in combination to the Tarot readings and the indepth predictions really benefitted the querrents. 

How do we do a Mokshapat reading

If you really want to learn about the present life path and the influence of the past life time then you can surely book a reading with us.

Otherwise, if you feel intrigued by the divine tool then you must read on. 

The first and the foremost step is to invoke the divine deity before commencing any reading.

Whether it is Tarot or Mokshapat or Astrology, You may invoke Lord Ganesha through a short prayer and ask him to bless us for an obstacle free reading. 

Close your eyes and rotate the Mokshapat to do away with the possibility of any bias.

Now rotate your finger over it and rest it on  a box with your eyes closed. Wherever your finger rests that is the core energy of your situation or problem.

Hereon you may start to play with the dice. As the number appears you may move your article.

Each box on which the article sits gives you a fair idea of your level of consciousness at that time in the particular situation for which you are seeking an answer.

FAQ: Relevance of Mokshapat

Often people ask me if the Divine art of Mokshapat is relevant in modern time?

And my answer is yes of course it is. In my opinion it is a modality which is less popular as compared to Tarot but has huge potential to navigate the querents in positive direction by not only predicting the events accurately but rather orienting their life towards spirituality.

Since it is played like a game it naturally excites us when we seek guidance from it. 

The ultimate realisation of truth

The ultimate realisation of truth happens when one learns that like the board of Mokshapat this life is also a game. As we roll the dice in the game and move forward to get a reward or a punishment similarly we play this life through throwing the dice in the form of taking action or doing our karma. The way we simply observe the game and keep on playing the dice quiet similarly we need to observe this life and stay on the eternal path of doing action …the never ending KARMA.

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