Tarot Deck : Cards in Major and Minor Arcana 

What is Tarot 

Tarot is one of the oldest occult science modalities used to predict upcoming events. Tarot is not just an assessment of past, future, and present; it is a comprehensive understanding that makes a person aware of his or her inner self. 

Sometimes, people probably observed that before taking a Tarot card reading session, they wondered how any random draw card would be related to their life.

Experts say that tarot cards are basically projective cards. They project the seekers’ subconscious mind. The divine energy in the cards gets connected to the collective consciousness of the universe, but the average person can’t understand or read the messages encoded in the cards.

Angel Numbers

Therefore, it is not correct to consider Tarot as a method of evaluating events only because it acts as a wonderful coaching and counselling tool as well. Interestingly, the tarot has become a multi-dimensional modality in a new age.

We can study and interpret tarot in relation to numerology and astrology, too. Another dimension of tarot cards is to read them in relation to one of the five elements.

One card can be read in 24 different ways. This makes tarot very approachable, as everyone and anyone can find at least messages or guidance if they pick up the cards and try to read them.

History: Origin of Tarot 

In history, we may find various conceptions of tarot cards. Tarot was initially found in Italy and recognized as a game in the fourteenth century. But by the 18th-19th century, the rise of Tarot had spread to European countries such as England and France. 

In 1909, people played a tarot game through a set of 56 cards, similar to the modern card game Bridge.

Gypsies are responsible for bringing the Tarot to Europe.

There is also evidence of using the Tarot as a guide to implementing occult activities since New Plutonism in the 18th century.

Tarot gained wide acclaim in France during the Napoleonic period. In France, a man named Eliot tried to connect the rules of tarot cards to mathematical ideas. He first described it as a way to find answers to life’s mysterious questions.

Tarot Deck

Presently, there are 78 cards in a tarot deck. All cards have different symbols and specific numbers. Based on the figures, symbols, and numbers, the tarot reading expert interprets and considers the conclusions and the possible outcomes of the situation in which the question is being asked.

Further, we can divide the Tarot deck into two parts. The first division is a set of 22 cards as the Major Arcana, and the second is 56 cards as the Minor Arcana.

Here we will do a brief study of Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana in Tarot Deck 

major arcana card from 0 to 10 numbers

The Major Arcana cards are the most influential and highly recognized in a tarot deck. Major Arcana cards represent our life cycle with major events, accomplishments, and lessons which we derive from challenging situations.

Each and every card has its own meaning, but at the same time, they tell a complete story too. The journey begins with the fool card, who is projected as a beginner and ends with the world card, which exhibits the complete version of him after going through ordeals and experiencing grace in life.

major arcana cards number 11 to 21 numbers

The 22 Major Arcana cards are numbered from 0 to 21. Let’s see the ordered list of all the cards included in the Major Arcana.

0- The Fool Card11- The Justice Card
1- The Magician Card12- The Hanged Man Card
2- The High Priestess Card13- The Death Card
3- The Empress Card
14- The Temperance Card
4-The Emperor Card
15- The Devil Card
5- The Hierophant Card
16- The Tower Card
6- The Lovers card
17- The Star Card
7- The Chariot Card
18- The Moon Card
8- The Strength card
19- The Sun Card
9- The Hermit Card
20- The Judgment Card
10- Wheel of Fortune Card
21- The World Card

Minor Arcana in Tarot Deck 

The Minor Arcana cards deal with the actions or reactions of daily life. They can give you insight into how to behave under the effects and side effects of the current situation.

Basically, Minor Arcana represents the temporary energy of the situation around us which can be changed by taking insights and following guidance from the tarot. 

We can again split these 56 cards of Major Arcana into four groups. Each group consists of 14 cards, of which 10 are number cards, and four are court cards. Four court cards are the King, the Queen, the Knight, and Page.

1- Suits of Wands

keywords: primal energy, spirituality, determination, career, aggression, strength, intuition, creativity, leadership, inspiration, new opportunities, fire element


2-Suits of Pentacles

Keywords: nature, body, material world, resilience, desirable, intense, dependable, tolerant, creative, money, finances, earth element


3-Suits of Swords

Keywords: action, power, oppression, ambition, courage, competition, decisions, intelligence, disagreements, conflict, air element


4-Suits of Cups  

Keywords: partnership, emotion, friendship, sentiments, intuition, wisdom, mercy, good advice, love, Water element


FAQ: Related to Tarot Deck 

What does it mean to say full tarot card deck?

A Full tarot card deck means the deck has a complete number of 78 cards comprising Major and Minor Arcana.

Which are some famous tarot decks?

Here is the list of some famous tarot decks: 

  • Rider–Waite Tarot deck
  • Thoth tarot deck
  • The ShadowScapes Tarot deck
  • ‎Osho Zen Tarot
  • The Wonderland Tarot deck

Which is the best tarot deck for beginners?

The Rider-Waite Tarot is an expert choice and the most commonly used deck for beginners.

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