Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: Explained

The Four of cups appear in the reading when you are disappointed. There is no  option or choice in front of you in such a state. 

 Life seems meaningless at the very moment, and there is no solution to the situation. Nothing can satisfy you, whether the day is ideal or wrong.

The Four of Cups inspires you to do a figurative self-evaluation so that you can come out of your apathy.

The Four of Cups Tarot Description:

In the card, we can see that a young man is sitting under a tree. The youth is meditative with their hands and feet tied to each other. 

The young man seems to sit far away from others and engaged in introspection. 

In front of this young man, three cups are on the grass. One hand is carrying a single cup in the air. It seems that there is a divine help and a  hand out of nowhere is presenting a cup to the young man.

Here all four cups are trying to say that we never pay attention to what we have and do not focus on what the Universe has given us as a gift.

We remain sad and grieved for what is not there, and our focus has always been on achieving that.

Four of Cups Tarot Guide:   

The Four of Cups tarot card shows that you are brushing off new invitations and opportunities.

Not accepting an opportunity shows your disinterest because you are not optimistic and feeling passive all the time contemplating on the negatives in life.

You must use your inner wisdom to determine what’s important to you. 

Don’t be afraid to reject any project that doesn’t complement your future.

You may have to turn down some lucrative opportunities in this new phase. You must say ‘yes’ only to the options that you feel are best for you.

You are opening yourself up to the opportunity that will be great for your future. You must use this time for inner reflection for better understanding.


  • The Young Man: An isolated man.
  • Posture: It reflects seclusion.
  • Four Cups: Represents materialism and conflicts.
  • The hand holding the cup: It’s like Nature want to give you a gift or there is a divine help.
  • The Tree: Its symbol of Human development. 


Keywords: meditation, discontent, contemplation, apathy, reevaluation, boredom

The Four of Cups card upright shows that you need to keep yourself energized if  you are feeling sad right now. 

It signifies that you are in the process of renewal and self-reflection.

The basis of this card is intuitive, which talks about summing up self-reflection and emotional balance. 

It discusses man’s state of mind when he is fascinated by dreaming only those things which will destroy consciousness.

The person is so busy considering the bottom three cups that he is not interested in the extended cup facing him. 

These conditions show his attachment and stagnation. There is total absence of self-awareness.


Keywords: clarity, awareness, retreat, withdrawal, acceptance, choosing happiness, depression, negativity, 

Reversed four of cups means you are now trying to get out by moving forward with passion. 

You are now quite confident about the future because you have let go of bad feelings and followed the light path shown by Nature. 

Now leaving that lonely and hopeless place, you will adopt a new life in the world and have prepared yourself for that.

Four of Cups Tarot Card as Feelings:  

  • Upright – 

When you have feelings for someone or you want to know what they feel for you and this card appears, then it means that the other person is holding a grudge against you.

  • Reversed –  

In the reverse position, this card exhibits a state of understanding between two people who are communicating well. So in reverse, this card becomes positive for checking on feelings.

Four of Cups Regarding Health:

  • Upright – 

The Four of Cups in a health reading shows that you often feel tired because you are physically or mentally depressed.

It’s more frustrating when you want to get out of it but can’t. However, merely accepting the truth will not bring you physical benefits. 

Now there is a need to look at the treatment paths ahead instead of focusing on negative thoughts to improve your health. The appearance of this card demands action. It is telling you to get up and take charge of your health condition rather than sitting and thinking about ill health or the possibility of some disease.

  • Reversed –  

In the reversed scenario, reading the Four Cups tarot for health suggests that you feel optimistic about your health. 

Your positivity brings you good health, mental health, and emotional health. The material troubles that disappointed you are all over.

Four of Cups Tarot Career:

  • Upright 

The Four of Cups Tarot reflect your desire to work is weakening as your career seems unmoving. You might be feeling demotivated at work. 

That leaves you feeling frustrated, and your work efficiency is also affected. 

Perhaps you think your work is not worth enough in the eyes of others.

Your current work situation and environment are hostile to you, and you feel to change this environment. But you should remember that if you cannot change your job now, focus on things that can make your situation favourable. It also indicates that you are ignoring the divine or sacred help to come your way. So you need to be more aware of your surroundings.

  • Reversed – 

The reversed four cups say that whatever is bothering you regarding your work will end soon. This change can happen suddenly, and there is relief news for you. 

You are feeling happy with the new opportunity that is coming.

It shows that you need to change your work approach to get the most out of new opportunities. 

The Universe is on your side and will help you with the energy and support you need for career advancement.


What is Four of cups tarot zodiac sign?

The four of cups has cancer as a zodiac sign. The planet which is responsible for this sign is moon and it exhibits the presence of emotions.

What is the Four of cups Element?

The element associated with this card is water and therefore it is predominantly a card to judge the emotional state of a person who is in despair.

What does Four of cups tarot advice?

This card belongs to minor arcana and whenever it appears in the reading it tells the seeker to be vigilant of the divine help and enhance self-awareness. In absence of all this he or she is feeling deprived. 

Is Four of cups tarot card yes or no?

If you are asking a question whose answer you are seeking in either yes or no and this card appears than the answer is NO.

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