Angel Numbers

Do Angels exist?

Many cultures talk about the existence of Angels as divine beings who are there to help human beings. They exist as a link between GOD and the beings on this earth. If you really want to know more about these intriguing beings then do read this article as we will dwell upon various aspects of these supernatural beings. Not only Christianity but Hinduism and Islam also hint at the presence of Angles.

How do angles communicate?

Since Angels belong to the spiritual realm and we belong to the material world, it is for sure that these beings of light can not talk to us directly. So whenever we seek help and call upon the angles for help they communicate through symbols like numbers, feathers, fragrance, dreams, music, random advertisement boards and sometimes coins too.

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You may wonder that why are you  getting messages, signs and symbols from the angels, so let me tell you that this is happening because you are ready to transcend higher into spirituality  and angels are there to help you therefore they are showing their presence to you.

Angel Numbers: meaning and explanations

Do you often see repeated numbers like 1111 or 777 or 222 or 555 . You might turn your face to see the time by the clock and time is 11: 11 and you check your blood sugar post meal and it comes out to be 111. Not only this there may be a situation wherein you might see a special number like 777 for days or months.

Source: Soulful Tarot

You might be travelling and the number plate of the car has 777 on it. May be the restaurant bill show up as 777 $. So, is it a coincidence? It is not by chance if you are connected to the angelic realm. You spirit guides or angels are trying to send you messages which you must not ignore and look for the hidden meaning because these are special numbers known as Angel numbers.


Have you ever found a feather while moving out? Do not hesitate to pick it up and keep it with you. These feathers are the signals form angels.

 White feathers are found when angels are telling you that they are near you and they are watching you from above! White feathers also signify peace. So if you are going through a turmoil and asking for angelic help, spotting a white feather may simply mean that you will achieve the state of peacefulness in some time.

If you come across a black feather then be rest assured the angels are trying to tell you that you are protected and the healing process is going on. As a result of this you will be able to let go off things which do not serve any purpose in your life.

If you come across a grey feather it means that you do not have to stop and need to move consistently even if there is no clarity as of now. It also signifies transformation on spiritual and material level.


Have you ever noticed that sometimes there is a strange mild fragrance which comes up out of nowhere? If your answer is yes then you are lucky. The spirit guides or Angles use fragrance to assure you that they are there around you. Sometimes it may be rose or sometimes it may be frankincense. If you go deeper you may actually find out which archangel is trying to connect to you because all the angles have their own favourite fragrances. 


I have heard several instances where my clients talk about different signs and symbols appearing in dream state.  Many people see different objects or numbers or sometimes situations and animals too. Angles or our spirit guides may send signals through dreams. There may be some upcoming event for which they want to warn us beforehand. Good omens like a waterfall or a tree laden with fruits symbolize the good time and prosperity ahead. Though interpretation of dreams is a vast topic but many a times the spirit guides send messages through angles.


Many a times there is some conflict going on in the mind and we are completely messed up and occupied with chaotic thoughts. Suddenly, there is a song on the radio which is telling us to chill or relax. You may call someone and the ringtone has a song which is giving you an insight to resolve the issue. So Angels may connect with us in different ways and music is one of them and through music they are either giving us an insight or soothing us.


Many a people find coins while walking around. These are also said to be the signs and signals sent by angles. Through coins, Angels are reminding us of their presence and sending the blessings in our life.

Wish box creation

It is being said that if you collect all these things in a box and whisper your wish into it then the angels will grant you the wish. So create a wish box and keep collecting the feathers and the coins and attract all the good luck in your life.

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