Angel Numbers

angel numbers meaning and explanation

Do Angels exist? Many cultures talk about the existence of Angels as divine beings who are there to help human beings. They exist as a link between GOD and the beings on this earth. If you really want to know more about these intriguing beings then do read this article as we will dwell upon … Read more

Tarot Deck : Cards in Major and Minor Arcana 

how many cards in a tarot deck

What is Tarot  Tarot is one of the oldest occult science modalities used to predict upcoming events. Tarot is not just an assessment of past, future, and present; it is a comprehensive understanding that makes a person aware of his or her inner self.  Sometimes, people probably observed that before taking a Tarot card reading … Read more

The Universal Mantras

the universal mantras

What is a Mantra? A Mantra is a powerful combination of sounds whose chanting raises vibrational energy. According to Hinduism, there are mantras for every occasion and situation. There are 3 Universal mantras whose Japa can be done by anyone to attain benefits. These are OM or AUM Aum or OM is the shortest and … Read more

Spiritual Way of Living

spiritual life

“I believe that Spirituality is a way of life when you become an observer and do not participate in this game of Maya.”   -Jyoti Arya This question has many answers and many people have tried to define it in their own way. I have learnt that spirituality has nothing to do with religion. Both are separate … Read more

The Sun Tarot Card: Meaning and Symbols

the sun tarot card meaning

What does The Sun tarot card mean?  The Sun tarot card is  an auspicious card. This card is the one that removes all the grave signs and symbolizes the appearance of sudden happiness.  As reflected, the card lord is the Sun, a symbol of unimaginable and incredible joy and pure light. You can understand in … Read more

The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

emperor card meaning

What does The Emperor tarot card means    The Emperor tarot card reflects a vibrant sign of devotion, adventure, and energy. The card indicates war, arrogance, aggression, conflict and power.  The Emperor is courageous, enthusiastic, confident, quick-tempered and dynamic. It shows a high level of dedication in relationships. It shows authority, courage and achievement.  This … Read more