The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

What does The Emperor tarot card means   

The Emperor tarot card reflects a vibrant sign of devotion, adventure, and energy.

The card indicates war, arrogance, aggression, conflict and power. 

The Emperor is courageous, enthusiastic, confident, quick-tempered and dynamic.

It shows a high level of dedication in relationships. It shows authority, courage and achievement. 

This card predicts your outstanding success. Yet, for all this,  you have to make reasonable efforts. 

You must be strong,  work hard, and show courage; then, only you will get such status as Emperor.

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What does The Emperor tarot card represent

An old man is sitting on the throne. The card got the number 4 written on the top, in  Roman style. 

This number means stability and construction, according to Roman belief. 

The crown refers to the Emperor’s head with a deep, calm mind always eager for discoveries.

The Emperor’s posture signifies material success and rule.

The Emperor is on a stone throne representing his authority and experiences. 

The Emperor has a wand in his right hand that looks like an Ankh.

According to Egypt, the Ankh symbolises life and spiritual knowledge. 

His left hand has got a globe, which signifies his power and supremacy. 

The Amour under the clothes protects the Emperor.

The Emperor, dressed in red, represents passion and anger.

Here, all four corners of the throne have carved with heads of four rams representing Aries.

The long white beard of the Emperor is a sign of mature age, experience and knowledge.

The Emperor Guide: 

The Emperor means king. It shows a person who believes in living like a king and embodies the thoughts and qualities of the king. 

Such a person may be the head of the family or the family’s caretaker.

That person sets an example for others in society. But such a person remains bound by those social  and conventional norms.

This card tells you to be in control of your destiny without feeling weak and hopeless. 

It’s about choosing your path in life, and you have enough rules to follow. 

It shows that you should be committed to life’s path and direction.

It’s about making you feel secure about your existence in who you are.


  • The Old Man: It represents the head of the family 
  • Throne: An authority and past accomplishment of a king
  • Long White Bear: It’s a sign of wisdom
  • A Wand: Symbol of life itself 
  • The Globe: Ruler domination of a king
  • Red Dress: Red is the colour of force, passion and anger
  • Crown: It shows material success and authority
  • Shoes & Amour – It refers to protection
  • Heads of Four Rams- It is for determination


Keywords: establishment, practicality, structure, a father figure, stability, discipline, protection, authority, control, focus

The Emperor card represents association, authority, and regulation.

It symbolises the principle of the masculine, established figure, directive, and rule.

This card shows leadership as any plan’s success depends on a king’s skilful strategy.

The Emperor loves discipline and guides with a firm hand without harming the dignity of the throne.

It gives you the awareness to have a sense of service like a ruler and to act logically.

The Emperor, in an upright position, inspires you for a successful future.

You must pursue your goals strategically and methodically as an emperor would.


Keywords: lack of discipline, domination, excessive control, dictator, rigid, stubborn, recklessness

This emperor card in reverse shows the Emperor’s bad qualities as a father; he is not a good person.

He is probably the kind who likes to control others’ actions and see them as powerless.

In reverse, it also points to a situation when you are like that weak ruler who does not want to fulfil his responsibilities in the governance system.

You have a lot of cravings for work, but inadequate control and lack of steadiness are not preparing you for it.

The Emperor Tarot for Career:  


The Emperor’s values ​​help and support from a vital source.

It refers that a male personality in your life will help you to progress in  your profession or thrive financially.

Similarly, a person like an Emperor might enter your life and help you in your business, if this card appears in your reading.

Or you may get a help from an influential person who can take your career to  new heights. 


In the reversed position the Emperor reflects your condition when you are careless about your work, which destroys your efficiency.

You should take this as a sign and have to be focused on your planning to do the tasks efficiently. 

This card also shows your workplace environment in the reverse position, which is very unsatisfactory.

Perhaps it’s because some of your senior officers treat everyone as inferior to them and act as  an autocratic ruler.

They like to rule over others and ignore their capabilities. You don’t feel comfortable in that situation.

Reversed Emperor cards signify you should start looking for alternative employment to escape this environment and have a better career path.

The Emperor Tarot as Health: 


When the Emperor comes for health advice in tarot readings, it points to too many health-related possibilities.

One is that you are healthy and will continue to be.

Don’t be passive about your health. It shows you need to have a logical approach to your health.

Still, if you are having a problem, don’t be rigid and  go to a health consultant.

Don’t try too hard with your body to control your exercise and other activities; instead, work in alignment with your body’s energy.


In terms of health, The Emperor’s Reverse shows that your daily routine is too chaotic, unnecessarily causing physical stress.

Because of this, you may be a victim of headaches or poor sleep patterns. Take time to rest and discipline yourself to get back to good health.

However, if this card is in the reversed position towards health; consider the adverse effects responsible for your overall health.

The mother of these negative influences could be that you are limited or too hard working.

The Emperor Tarot as Feelings: 


If you want to know about some feeling and the Emperor comes upright in tarot readings, it means that this person gives you a lot of importance in life.

That person feels as safe with you and will do anything to save you from being hurt, be it emotionally or physically.

Seen from an emotional point of view, the Emperor shows a person’s love on a physical level.

They take care of all aspects of life, even if it is financial. The person feels deeply attracted to you.

Your opinion and guidance are most important to them in any life situation.

For counselling new relationships, the Emperor is a sign that they are earnest about you and committed to relationships that breed trust.

For existing relationships, the Emperor can signify the feeling that they are committed to taking a relationship to the next level.

If you are at the point where you are contemplating engagement or marriage, then your partner is confident of their responsibility.

Suppose you are interested in knowing about your ex’s feelings about you. So the Emperor can inspire you with a renewed desire to win back as advice.


In the reverse case, the Emperor indicates the person is still moving away from you.

He(She) has affection for you, but the hesitation is bringing separation into your relationship.

That person got confused about a future relationship with you and may need more time to get to know you.

A person who represents the Emperor in reverse does not express its expressions easily, which creates tension in the relationship.

This symbol of the Emperor inspires you to do everything possible to improve that relationship and take steps to strengthen that relationship with yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What zodiac sign is the emperor tarot?

According to astrology, the Emperor card in tarot is associated with the planet Mars and Aries zodiac.

All the attributes of Aries significantly match the attributes of The Emperor.   

What number is the Emperor tarot card?

It is the fourth card in Major Arcana. Number 4 represents consolidation according to numerology.

So, during the reading it the number catches your attention then pay attention to the associated attributes.

What is the element of the Emperor card?

This card is associated with the element fire.

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