The Sun Tarot Card: Meaning and Symbols

What does The Sun tarot card mean? 

The Sun tarot card is  an auspicious card. This card is the one that removes all the grave signs and symbolizes the appearance of sudden happiness.

 As reflected, the card lord is the Sun, a symbol of unimaginable and incredible joy and pure light.

You can understand in simple language that  if the Sun card comes in your tarot reading; you will get into a happy zone  soon. 

Not only this, but this card is  encouraging you to have fun with  your friends, family and children.

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Description of “The Sun” Card:

The Sun card is a symbol of immense energy and is essential for the existence of all on our planet. 

Beams of the Sulight are  magical, showing the brightest morning that has emerged after such a dark long weary night,

A naked child is sitting on a white horse symbolizing innocence and purity, the child also shows that he has nothing to hide from this world and he is completely transparent. 

The child is holding a large piece of cloth in his hand and is waving the flag of love, freedom and happiness. 

The garland of flowers on the child’s golden hair looks beautiful with that red Feather.

Here the golden hair shows knowledge, the garland of flowers for beauty, and the red Feather is for power and enthusiasm  in life. 

The wall behind the child represents the limits within which a person can live life to the fullest. 

Four sunflowers behind the wall symbolise long life and loyalty. You will also see these four flowers representing the four suits of the Minor Arcana. 

Strong sunlight has full of bright rays, and its light destroys all the harmful elements surrounding it. 

The Sun is a symbol of success, life, wonder and vitality. This card exemplifies the principles of optimism by dispelling darkness with life-giving light.

The Sun Tarot Card Guide:

The arrival of the Sun card means that your life is going on pleasantly, and as soon as you achieve your goal in life, this Sun becomes more luminous. 

The Sun tarot is one card which represents optimism  in life.

The Sun card refers to achievement, overflow, and at times cleverness as well, but this cleverness is not harmful to others rather it is more of a smartness. It empowers everyone with its energy, like the actual Sun. 

Symbols within tarort card “The Sun”: 

  • The Sun: The Sun is shining with maximum brightness at the beginning of a gloomy and happy morning. It inspires you to stay focused on the path and move forward to touch success.
  • A Naked Boy: It signifies innocence and the joy of freedom.
  • The Big Cloth Piece: It denotes accomplishment and celebration.
  • White Horse: It means progressing in the right direction and moving forward. For this, you must keep moving on that path with willpower and positive thinking.
  • Garland: Indicating beautiful life and fulfilment. 
  • Sunflower: It represents fortune and fame in life.
  • Red Feather: Here, the red Feather on the head represents justice and truth.
  • The wall: The back wall represents the limits based on current circumstances and matters.

The Sun Tarot in Upright Position: 

Keywords – positivity, happiness, radiant, successful enthusiastic, energetic, achievement, freedom, Vibrance

You are in a situation where you adjust your earned knowledge with zeal to reach a golden period in the future. 

When the Sun is upright, you will have an excellent combination of vitality, joy and wisdom. 

These combinations are the key to being optimistic and successful period in your life.

Sun in Upright shows that you are firm towards your goals, and no person or situation can mislead you. 

You are in that phase of life  where your image shines like the Sun. 

You are also giving light and warmth to the people around you with your sun like radiance. Everyone feels energetic in your  presence.

The Sun Tarot Reversed Meaning: 

Keywords –Sadness, Lack of clarity, False impressions, Low Vitality, discouragement. Lie, Self-Doubt, arrogance

The reversed position of the Sun tarot shows that you are unaware of the positive aspects of desire in your life.

It further indicates the condition when you cannot keep yourself as optimistic and powerful right now.

At some point, You are unhappy because your success is not according to  your expectations, reducing your enthusiasm.

So, reversed Sun card indicates that now you can’t see your path because you have become unrealistic. 

Thus you should take this situation as a pointer to make sure you need to keep yourself confident throughout your journey.

Career: What does the Sun tarot card mean in your career?


The arrival of the Sun in the upright position indicates the golden time of your career.

 It’s time when you are on your way to success. Your tireless efforts and hard work will give you the taste of success, and you have to keep yourself optimistic. 

The Sun card explains the success you never thought about it. 

Understand this example for a businessman-

“Suppose you are a trader who sells products online. Then you may succeed in that market you never imagined, or it has never been your target market like abroad. 

Hence the Sun card also defines incredible success.

Reversed – 

Due to some reasons, you are feeling more and more pessimistic about your job.

When the Sun appears in reverse career readings, it shows you are sad with your current job and feel restricted. 

Now you do not have the slightest desire to go to work makes you uncomfortable. This card explains that this situation can happen to anyone, and it’s natural. 

Brightness is not far away, you need to recognise it, and you will find it. 

But when it comes to the reverse, it’s essential to think about how you can improve the situation. 

This card inspires you to remain optimistic even when things are not going your way.

Feeling: How someone feels about you? 

Upright – 

If you want to know their feelings, this card shows their feelings towards you, which are full of love and care.

Don’t even try not to push them away because they are committed to you.

In any case, you will get the best possible results for yourself and find happiness in the future.


Reversal of the Sun can be a complicated situation about emotions. 

It indicates respect and mutual love for each other, but their feelings are not visible in the present time.

So, the card tells you to maintain patience and trust. When the right time comes, there will be a close proximity to each other.

The Sun Tarot for Health:

Upright – 

The Sun represents energy and health in all areas of your life. 

You’ll soon feel empowered and re-energized if you’re not feeling yet. If you are fighting an illness, you will feel back to normal in no time.

The card indicates that  now it  is a great time to start working on your health and shape your diet. 

The Sun gives you the determination and drives you to do needful to move forward and revive your health.

Reversed – 

The Sun tarot says in reverse that you may get well soon If you are sick. 

You must be conscious and active about your health with a positive attitude. 

Reversal of the Sun can signify odd situations like unplanned pregnancy, miscarriage, or birth & death.


What does the Sun symbolize?

The Sun in general symbiosis radiance, warmth and optimism. The Sun Tarot card signifies optimism, hope and innocence if it appears in any of the readings. It is for sure a positive card and is related to good times.

Fire element is associated with The sun card. What does the Sun tarot mean in astrology?

This card is associated with Planet Sun in astrology. As in astrology also the sun magnifies the house in which it resides, so similarly here also this card illuminates the seeker or the situation in a particular reading.

Is the sun tarot card a yes or no?

Whenever we ask a yes or no question and a major arcana card appears we assume it to be a neutral situation but this is a very positive card so if this appears than it means that though the situation is neutral but it is deflected towards positivity. 


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