Wheel of Fortune

What does The Wheel of Fortune mean?

The Wheel of Fortune card is a favourable and positive card. This card is a symbol of movement and nurturing cycles  in life. This card metaphorically represents the lifecycle.

If the Wheel of Fortune card appears in a reading it signals new directions, good fortune, and promising changes in one’s life. 

If you have been going through bad times since a long time and you are consulting tarot to find out a solution than this card signifies that your best times are coming soon to resolve all of your problems.

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The Wheel of Fortune card also symbolises a person’s high and determined physical, mental and spiritual potential.

On the flip side sometimes this card also appears to make one aware about the unexpected events and unbelievable turns in life that you would not have imagined. 

This card conveys life’s continuity and reinforces that  the results largely depend on the actions taken. 

This card tells us that the process of transition or change gives the seeker a learning that is more important than the outcome of the event itself. 

No one knows where this life cycle will stop, so the card advises you to change direction and live at your own pace.

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Wheel of Fortune Tarot Description: 

The Wheel of Fortune is one such tarot card which is full of significant influences affecting the lives of all.

Some rare animals surrounded the wheel; Holy messengers, birds, bulls and lions. These represent the stable signs within the four zodiac signs Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus. You can think of these four as winged preachers.

The book of the Torah is in the hands of all living beings.

This Torah is a symbol of wisdom and self-consciousness.

In the card, you can see Egyptian figures on both the top and bottom of the wheel.

There is a Sphinx king above the wheel and an Anubis at the bottom.

We can see that the outer circle has the Hebrew letter YHVH and the four chemical symbols are in the inner circle.

These chemical signs are according to water, mercury, salt and sulfur. These four symbols are proof of power.

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Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Guide:

The Wheel of Fortune card may vary in meaning  depending on the card’s position.

If the card falls in an upright position, it will be recognised differently; If it comes out upside down, it says something else.


Keywords:- Good luck, destiny, change, karma, soulmates, decisive moments, life cycles, fate, fortune, upheaval, and change.

The Wheel of Fortune card is very optimistic if it appears in any tarot card reading. It looks like a lifecycle tells you that some good work is about to start in your life. 

This card signifies positive changes coming in life. It symbolises good luck, new directions and changes in one’s life. 

If bad times have troubled you for a long time, this card signifies the end of all those troubles soon.


Keywords: – Bad luck, upheaval, disorder, external forces, lack of control, disruption, unwelcome change, delays, and setbacks.

Wheel of Fortune is a sustainable lifestyle philosophy. In the reserved position, you may get adverse effects.

Whatever changes are about to happen, they may not be in your favour. These changes can be sudden and unpredictable, which may or may not be easy for you to handle. 

Your work is going well, but it may be unfavourable in the future.

In reverse, maybe there is some occasion for you when you have to make the right decisions to make it positive. And it may also happen that you will have to be careful until the time sets because of external reasons.

Symbols of Wheel of Fortune tarot:

  • Holy Messenger: It represents Aquarius 
  • The Bird: represents a symbol of Scorpio 
  • The Bull: It represents Taurus 
  • The Lion: It’s symbolic of Lio 
  • Sphinx: it means life mystery 
  • Anubis: it represents a journey of divine understanding from the limited experiences of the senses 
  • The wheel: It is a Life Cycle
  • Four Chemical Symbols: represent four elements fire, earth, water and air
  • The snake: It’s opposed to Anubis. 

Feeling: wheel of fortune tarot how someone sees you  

The answer is positive if you want to know what he or she thinks of you. They feel great about you. You can also be that one person who is the best in their life.

Here we will discuss two situations –

  • When you’re single, maybe everyone you meet feels lucky to have met you. Or the person may want to understand you again, but you should not worry because the result will always be positive.
  • It’s a good sign when you are in an existing relationship. You have good thoughts towards each other, and any change in your relationship makes both of you more positive towards each other. Random things may happen in your relationship, but you can handle the situation.

The wheel of fortune card shows a straight, positive feeling,  to a large extent. 

Wheel of Fortune Tarot as Advice:  

If you are taking a tarot consultation for any specific question or situation then also guidance regarding current life and circumstances is essential because everything is interlinked.

During the tarot reading if this card appears as advice or guidance then we must agree that the Wheel of Fortune  is emphasizing on the existence of  infinite possibilities to handle the situation.

The current circumstances you are going through are actually  to be taken only as  “stage” of events. Things can turn favourable and unfavourable several times on the same day, so you must be patient. It is similar to a roller coaster ride with several ups and downs.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Career Outcomes:  

The card says that you can get good career options such as getting a dream job or a passionate project, but for that, you may have to work hard.

Wheel of Fortune Finance: 

Your problem related to money management is going to be resolved. 

Sometimes, It may happen that when you need money,  your family members and friends will come forward and offer you help.

There is a possibility of increasing your earnings. For that, you must keep lookin for the additional resources available. Be vigilant to the opportunities as there is a good scope of improving your financial condition.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning Health:  

If you are dealing with the problem of disease, then you will get well soon, and health-related issues may be less in future. 

Since the wheel of fortune is the vision of the life cycle, if you are healthy, it is not sure that you will always be healthy and this particular card is suggestive of change in health condition. So, be concious about your health.


This card connects the past, present and future of the person. 

It says that the result you will see in the future depends on how you have acted in the past. 

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card reveals a bright beginning  and favourable changes in your life.

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