The Fool Tarot Card

What does the Fool tarot card mean? 

The Fool tarot card represents a new identity. This card is the very first card of the Major Arcana

The Fool Tarot Card is a powerful and exciting card with extensive meaning. 

It speaks of tremendous optimism from the beginning of the journey based on a complete visionary aspect. 

The Magician – Major Arcana Tarot card meanings

The card symbolizes the boy as a fool who begins a profound journey with great confidence. 

The end of the trip is equally important for him. 

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Description :

Here, a young boy is pictured standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to take a plunge. 

The boy looks exuberant, joyful, and excited and is about to take the next step. 

He is going careless and has one sack symbolizing the past life karma, the baggage. He doesn’t even care about his next step and seems ready to face the unknown zone.

He may fall off the cliff because he has reached the end of the rock. He is not bothered by this fact; he shows his innocence and inexperience here. 

The dog stands by his heels and barks at him in a warning, but he seems unaware of his upcoming journey. 

The Fool tarot card represents the number 0, an infinite potential number. 

This card carries different metaphors exhibited through vivid imagery, so understand it with an open mind.

The boy sometimes seems to be a symbol of innocence, unaware of the paths that lie ahead in his life. He is heading towards an unknown zone.

He doesn’t care whether his life will be favourable or unfavourable, or what obstacles he will face along the way.

The Fool Tarot Guide:

As and when this appears in the tarot reading, The Fools Tarot Card shows new beginnings. It inspires you to take the first step when you are about to embark on an adventure.

This card shows you are feeling excited about the new chapter of your life and are moving forward fearlessly towards that moment.


  • Young Man – He is an identity. The fool card portrays every journey as a new experience for both man and woman as the young man is wearing a genial dress.
  • Direction – Like all journeys, its end is unknown; also, the path is not familiar. Who knows, there may be obstacles waiting for the Fool.
  • Black Wand – The stick on his right shoulder is just the burden of experiences. Here, the wand symbolizes the power of expression and the black colour points toward unconsciousness. 
  • Clothing –  The dress indicates his ability to live daily without worries. As the white shirt inside shows purity and the shape of flowers on the outside shows artistic beauty.
  • Legs – The feet are moving forward in the direction of walking. The tight yellow shoes express awareness of the moment and the spirit.
  • Mountain Cliff –  High mountain peaks represent a higher understanding of the soul. Climbing on which, one can dip into the depth of self-realization.
  • Rising Sun – Here, the Sun signifies the journey’s beginning and makes an entirely blank surface to walk on that divine path.
  • Sack – The sack hangs from the wand filled with lifetime memories and instincts.
  • White Rose – Here, the White Rose can have two meanings: purity and death (as pictured on the death card).
  • Dog – The dog seems like a well-wisher or a friend who follows the boy but cannot control him.
the fool tarot card symbols and its meaning

The Fool Tarot Upright Position: 

Keywords – Leap of faith, Beginnings, Originality, self-expression, innocence

Here, It shows exciting and adventurous things coming in life that you’ve always wanted to do. 

As shown in the card, you are delighted about those new events coming into life, standing on that cliff of life from which to jump without fear keeping your energy under control. 

It’s inspiring that you should take your next step, clearing all doubts. You must believe in the unknown path, and with this belief, you must move forward.

The Fool Tarot Card Reversed Position:

Keywords – Mess, Poor judgment, Lack of direction, Naivety, Stupidity

It would help you by warning when the Fool is in a reversed position.

As in an upright position, even if it inspires you to take risks and start a new unknown journey. But the Fool, on the reverse, advises you not to take unknown risks and be more careful in life when you want to start a new work.

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning Career : 

  • Upright – The upright Fool tells you that you are on the right track for your career. New opportunities have come in your professional life; you should take them. It would be best to adopt the new path with an open mind; without fear, you may have to take risks in such a situation. You have to believe in your creativity and originality.
  • Reserved: In the reversed case, the Fool says that before taking the risk, you should use your preference to accept any new opportunity in your career. Choose options according to your intuition in professional life. The Fool advises that you should not make any difference in your hard work.

The Fool Tarot Health :

  • Upright: The Fool symbolizes life energy, so it’s a good sign if you are ill, and this card appears in the reading. But, if you are not conscious of your health, then be it. Otherwise, you are in the progress of your disease. It can also state the conception of pregnancy, as this card signifies a new beginning in life.
  • Reserved: When it appears reversed in a tarot reading, it can also mean that you should look for alternatives to traditional medicine that can benefit your disease. This tarot card can sometimes give you more indications of an accident that may happen, so you should be careful about your entourage.

The Fool Tarot as Feelings:

  • Upright: As is the nature of this card, no new beginning can happen without the end of something old. It can have many meanings if you want to know the feeling of the particular person towards you. In the upright position, the card says that that person is neutral and has no negative feelings for you. Yes, but they are not sure about your future relationship with them. 
  • Reserved: To emotions, the reverse of the fool card shows that the feelings of that particular person towards you are uncertain. Its feelings for you are only and only reference to the past. But that person may have no interest in the future with you. It also indicates that when things turn unfavourable, that person will hardly be able to depend on you. While this can create a lot of excitement and mystery, it can also lead to a general feeling of uncertainty.

Frequently Ask Question:

  • Is the Fool a powerful card?

Yes, the Fool card is compelling because wherever it appears in the reading or the spread, it gives a hint of the new beginning and the unknown zone ahead; in

a way, it signifies a new beginning. On the other hand, it also warns that the time ahead will be full of discoveries and revelations. All this may be overwhelming. 

  • What does the Fool card mean in astrology?

Since the Fool card represents the number zero in the Tarot, which is ruled by planet Pluto and the astrological sign of Scorpio.

  • What element dost the Fool card has?

The Fool Card is associated with Air Element. There is a restless seeking and sharing of knowledge. The depiction of the Fool in the card tells us that he has difficulty dealing with what is expected, socially or intellectually.

  • What is a prediction of The fool card about the past, Present, and future?

This card tells us that the situation has been dealt with immaturity in the past. If the card is supposed to tell us something about the Present, it is a clear-cut warning that the zone ahead is entirely unknown and will be full of surprises. This card comes as a caution for future endeavors. It tells us that what is apparent is not reality and one needs to see deeper as the territory is entirely new.

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