Is Yes or No Tarot Accurate

What are the Yes or No Tarot Cards?

Shakespeare’s famous epic Hamlet posed an outstanding question- “ To be or not to be”, the same question troubles humanity in today’s time even more!

Being a Tarot reader, I come across many questions from the seekers daily. Do you know which is the most common question? The most intriguing aspect of any human’s life is to see the future and to calm down the curiosity arising from a question whose answer one seeks is a Yes or No.

Yes, you guessed it right. Querents often ask me whether we will get an answer from tarot cards yes or no. My answer to this is a big yes! Tarot being a divine tool gives out excellent advice but lets us understand the yes-no scenario deeply.

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Tarot Yes or No Answer

I would like to tell you a story here. There was a renowned saint in a small town in India. He was very very famous. Many people used to come to him for advice whenever they had to make any important decision.

One day a man came to him and looked very worried he said that he wants to shift to Mumbai but is apprehensive about the environment and weather over there. He feels that it will not suit him. As he had put his concern in front of the saint, he replied that you are right it might not suit you.

The man went by with clarity of mind and decided not to shift. Another day, someone else came and asked the same question from the saint. He said that I want to relocate to Mumbai and he feels that he can accommodate me well over there and will get a lot of opportunities to grow. The saint told him Yes, you may shift there it will be good for you.

A close disciple was watching this and he got utterly confused about the scenario. He asked the saint -you gave two different answers to the same question but why? To this, the saint replied that both of them can do what they can.

So if one says, “ I can do it”, he is right and if someone says that “I can’t do it”, he is also right. This is how the law of the universe works because it serves the seeker what he deserves.

So, in this case, the first one said that he thinks that he can not accommodate – It means that his mind is not programmed for the upcoming challenge.

On the other hand, the second one is change-ready and has created a success story in his mind already. The saint continued by explaining, “ it is not about yes or no, it is all about the mindset of the seeker, the answer is already in the subconscious mind and most people seek advice after making a decision and they only want me to give them a green flag.”

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Tips to ask a Yes or No Tarot questions

Now, so what do we understand from this about the tarot card yes or no? If you are a querent and want to know the answer from tarot you need to go step-wise according to the following list

  1. write down your questions.
  2. Ask yourself the same question thrice and try to get some more insight.
  3. Close your eyes and write the sub- questions too.

Once you are ready to ask a question whose answer you seek is a yes or no, probe your mind to ascertain the fact that you do not carry the answer within yourself.

This means that you need to approach the tarot reader for such questions with complete openness. No preconceived notions should be there.

At the same time if the answer is not in your favor do not get disheartened and ask the tarot reader to draw the cards once more. This may confuse you further.

When to repeat the tarot reading yes or no?

Also, if you are intrigued by a question and you have taken a reading then refrain from taking the reading again on the same question for at least 15 days. In the meanwhile, if the situation changes drastically then of course you may go ahead with a fresh reading.

tarot yes or no card

Yes No Tarot Spread

You must have heard that when you go for a reading the tarot, reader may draw cards in different orientations to find out an answer to the question which is being asked.

So, for yes and no questions, I am sharing a few techniques so that if you are reading for yourself you may use them.

  1. Before starting a reading smudge your cards with sage and shuffle them a good number of times.
  2. Set your intention on the cards and meditate.
  3. Ask the question while shuffling the cards and invoke your inner wisdom to connect to the cards and derive the message from the universe.
  4. Now, you may draw ONE CARD only. Read the symbolism and derive the meaning. Keep in mind whether it is a negative or a positive card. You may simply reach your answer through this card.
  5. Secondly, you may draw 3 cards according to the PAST PRESENT FUTURE spread and dive further into the present situation and co-relate it with the future card to derive your answer.


To conclude, I would say that asking something from tarot cards is like seeking advice from an elderly person who is providing answers to us based on his wisdom and intellect.

Now, imagine if you go and ask a question to him again and again, how will he respond? He might get offended and may feel that you are not trusting him and asking the same question repeatedly or he may assume that you want a certain answer and do not accept his advice.

So, clear your mind and with great openness seek advice and accept it as guidance from the universe to navigate your life in a positive direction.

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